To Watch: Super Sloth


How to: Fake playing paino



To Listen: Axis of Awesome Make a Good Point

We might have posted this video before, but with the summer boom of new catchy songs, it’s a good reminder of how music really is


To Watch: How to eat Watermelon!

Don’t be a fool, think twice! Don’t give into social pressure of how to eat watermelon


To Watch: Reza Aslan vs Fox News

Have you ever watched a video so offensive that you felt personally offended? Search no further if you are up for that type of anger- in this ridiculous interview Fox’s journalist just can’t get over the fact that Reza Aslan is not just Muslim


To Watch: Have you ever been THAT high?

It’s hard to tell how much of it is true, but I guess most of it actually is. The only problem accepting it would be the fact that that guy…is totally high


To Play: Earn to Die

It has been ages since we have posted anything (anything actually could be the end of this sentence) other than funny images on our facebook page that you should follow and videos that cracked us up. So today it’s going to be slightly different and we encourage you spend your high a little differently than deadly staring at the computer screen. How about staring deadly at the laptop screen while moving your fingers? (but not too much?). This is exactly what Earn to Die offers- at the beginning we didn’t get so much into it and the game gets quite boring quite quickly, but this first 20 minutes after you get into it is truly satisfying and definitely worth recommending. Click on the image below to play it and tell us what you think about the game and what other flash games you play when high:


To Watch: George Bush Hates Black People

Pretty old, but cracks us up every time. Someone’s hiiiiiigh….


To Watch: Japanese Toilet

That ScrewAttack guy is showing off with his Japanese toilet (found only in Japan). Well, I guess we would show off with one too if we had it…