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How to roll a joint without rizzla paper…

Okay guys, here is a problem that has happened to all of us in the past and most probably on more than one occasion. Well since it happened to me only the other day I thought it was my duty to do everything I could to find out what other paper can be used as alternatives to using rizla paper (yes, I know I could always pipe or bong it… BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!)

So here my friends is a list I have put together of what things you can use whenever you run out of rizla paper


Bible paper: Yes yes some of you may read this and think what as bastard I am for saying this, but screw you! In no way am I saying that its right to use such a religious book as something to smoke it, BUT it is an alternative none the less… On the bright side, think how badass the bible will be if those few spare bits of paper at the back were there for roll ups and in fact you were always meant to read the bible when stoned, ever thought of that mr too touchy?

Baking paper: Not every says that it works effectively, but you can still make some sort of joint out of it… but I warn you, this joint will make you cough like a mutha fuka…

Normal paper: Again, this paper will make your joint really harsh to hit, but it does get the job done… A problem that you will have with this is finding a way to stick it down, my suggestion is… don’t! just roll the paper up nice a tight, light up, and toke it… Otherwise glue, sellatape, string, anything that you crazy bastards can think of really, it will all mess your lungs up anyway haha


photo album paper: You know when your parents, your grandmother or aunties sat you down when you were younger and showed you pictures of their wedding, holidays or of your cousin’s auntie’s brother’s daughter’s step sister’s uncle, which for some reason you never seen or cared for in your life (and in fact still don’t!), yeah we have all been there… Well take a moment to think back to that traumatic moment… now think of the super thin paper that was covering the photographs.. see where im going with this? BANG! got yourself a nice load of rizla paper alternatives, enjoy! This type of paper has no problem sticking together when you lick it so you should be able to make yourself a nice easy roll


cigarette: This does require time, practice and good techniquebut it is very possible. All you need to do is get yourself a needle, pin, paper clip, anything that is small a pointy and slow start taking the tobacco out of the cigarette. Eventually you will scrap out all, if not, most of the tobacco and then once its as clear are you can get it slide your weed into that bad boy, twist it and start toking. If done right, you can make yourself quite a nice size joint, packed nice a tight of weed


tracing paper: very much the same as the paper in the photo album; this paper can be used and rolled very easily and you will have no problems sticking in down. Nice a simple

paper found in new shoes: This was a bit of a weird discovery, but it seems like it works… So you know when you buy yourself a nice new paper of trainers and its packed with the paper to keep the shoe…. I have no idea why its there to be honest. Anyway, you can use the paper found in there as an alternative to rizla, its very much the same as tracing paper but it just all scrunched up and a different colour, but still smokable

Old rizle bits: this is quite an ingenious one, so whenever you roll a jont, do you ever rip off a bit at the end? or perhaps instead of twisting it your rip all the unused paper off and thow it aside so you can toke on the good stuff as soon as you light up… well my friends, with a bit of creativity, time, steady hands, you can make yourself a joint with a collection of those papers! All you need to do is lick em, stick em, fill em, roll em, smoke em… your’e welcome


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